Friday, March 25, 2011

Hodge-Podge Services

Literary Services

If I don't presume too much, may I say I'd like to help you with your writing. I'll read, comment, discuss, or edit your work to help enable you to produce a better product by your own measure and standards.
Let me help you get your work ready for the publisher.


How I can help you with Mentoring:

  • How to write so that others find it accessible, understand what you write and enjoy your work better.
  • I check that the basics and elementaries are accounted for and done.
  • I make sure the rules are followed, ignored with reason, or ignored appropriately.
  • I find gaps in reasoning, explaining, idea development, or getting it across. 

Creative Writing

How I can help you with more Creative Writing:

I run a Saturday morning creative writing seminar using Shakespeare's As You Like It the Seven Ages of Man as basis. It changes every time so even if you repeat it, it will never be the same as some of the participants that are doing it for the fourth time, can attest.  You will also learn what an editor looks for to get your writing published, and how to edit your own and other's work in the process.  Best of all are the cookies, interaction with other writers, and Hugh's brand of wit.

Get Published

How I can help you to get published:

If you are looking to get your writing published in electronic media or print-on-demand.
The only cost will be editing, typesetting, and printing if you want to do the printing yourself.

Host or Organise Literary Gigs or Events

How I can help you with organising, hosting and MC'ing Literary Events and Gigs

  • Find and secure venue
  • Supply Sound Equipment
  • Find sponsors
  • Other event management duties
  • Be Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  • Interview at Book Launch
  • Host or Introduce speakers/participants
  • Take photographs or videos at events
  • Record poetry
I organise and run poetry gigs in and around Cape Town called Off-the-wall

Read Manuscript

How I can help you with reading your manuscript

  • ...See Mentoring
  • Discerning reader
  • Make suggestions & comment
  • Spot anomalies or mistakes
  • Honest feedback: What works and what doesn't
To help you get published.


Organisational Training in Internet Etiquette

How I can help you with your Netiquette

  • Help u create your Internet Etiquette or Netiquette Strategy.
  • Give Best practices training
  • Provide you with a Netiquette Reference Manual
  • Provide you with a Netiquette Strategy Considerations and manual Template so that you can create your own Netiquette Strategy Manual.
  • Provide you with a Powerpoint Presentation if you want to do your own in-house training.
  • Consult and help you with sensitive electronic communications.

Computer, Web, Internet, and other IT Services

Enhance Web Presence

How I can help you with enhancing your web presence

  • Advise on the most appropriate platform and medium for your budget
  • Save you money: What to consider before you buy yourself a website or develop a website for you, or get someone else to develop a website for you.  There are different options.
  • Build Website and Blogs for you, help you do it yourself, or find an appropriate infrastructure that already supplies the service.
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook and others. Pros and Cons.

Do Backups

How I can help you with keeping your work safe

Help you set up a backup system and infrastructure to make sure you are able to save your work if your computer crashes, your motherboard gets injured, you accidentally delete something you shouldn't have, so that it doesn't take you weeks to get sorted again.

IT Consulting

How I can help you with deciding on the best strategy when you need to make computer or Internet related decisions

  • My e-mail box get filled up regularly, what do I do?
  • I travel a lot and need to work on my laptop from different places
  • My computer disc is full
  • How do I maintain the Integrity of my System Infrastructure so that my discs don't get filled up.
  • My computer memory has been used up, what do I do?
  • ...and other questions...

Write & Edit Training Manuals

How I can help you with Writing and Editing Training Manuals

I can help write or edit Computer System Guides

...Go to the Contact me page if you wish to use any of my services...

Additional Services

Sonies Services

Sonja Wilker has the following services she can help you with:

She can help you get over the hump of Writer's Block.

As Life and Business Coach she can help you work out a Marketing Strategy, what your Web Presence should look like, and get that Project off the ground, you know the one you have been thinking about for years, but never get to for whatever reason(s), She can also help you streamline your business, get your staff more productive, or whatever.... you fill in the blanks.

Sonja is an avid Photographer and Artist.

She is also a more than competent Therapeutic Masseuse in various modalities, a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and has done a lot of training in her day on a miriad of different subjects to people from all walks of life.

See her Sonies Services Blog for more information.